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as every design in its infancy this text was a basic lorem ipsum paragraph at first. now it holds the knowledge of a junior designer eager to tackle digital problems by coming up with beautiful yet functional solutions.

this text began as a basic lorem ipsum paragraph, but now holds the knowledge of a ux designer eager to design elegant and functional solutions for digital challenges. i enjoy exploring microinteractions and bringing prototypes to life.

below are the projects i've worked on from my cozy home in cluj-napoca, transylvania. 

 happy exploration!

this is my first ux design for a digital product that showcases my photography portfolio and led me to change careers.

this is the website of a small, independent company that develops apps for iOS. a case study is coming soon, but in the meantime, i invite you to enjoy the finished product.

recreating the nintendo switch in figma

the pen tool lets me create unique and complex shapes that would be difficult to achieve with basic shapes alone. this is crucial for designing assets that need to be used across different platforms and devices, as it ensures consistency and quality at all sizes and resolutions.



timer mobile app prototype made in protopie

apart from figma, i enjoy using protopie to create prototypes because it offers the possibility to closely mimick real-life products, which allows for a clear communication with the developers and accurate feedback from users. give it a go and try it yourself.

my ux journey: the background story

my story begins with a diy project. i needed a website for my photography portfolio and decided to design it myself. i quickly realized how much i enjoyed the process of page layout, alignment and navigation. right from the start, i was hooked.

from no ux knowledge to a google ux certificate, i'm now expanding my skills by exploring microinteractions and prototyping with protopie. i believe that testing products that closely mimic the final version is a valuable approach as it generates the most accurate and relevant results.

i recently completed my first real-life project and i am excited about the future. i am currently in the process of exploring potential job openings, so feel free to reach out if you have an opportunity.

you can contact me by sending an email or drop me a message on linkedin. choose what suits you best from the bottom of the page.

i hope you enjoyed your visit and have a great day!

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