How I started my street art journey

You may think I started my street art journey directly by putting up photos transferred on wood on the city walls. NOPE.

I started by putting up some paste-ups in my neighborhood!

In case you're wondering what a paste-up is I have a simple answer:

It's a photo or an image printed on thin paper and glued to a surface, in most cases a wall. Scroll down to see what I'm talking about!

The first time I made the wheatpaste (the flour based glue) it was a disaster! It was too thick and and when it dried I saw that it ruined the photo completely. Disaster! All of this because I added too much flour hehe. But the next time I tried it came out really nice.

See for yourself

My first paste up ever >>> 10/1/2015

How it looked aprox 1 month later >>> 27/2/2015

It was freezing cold outside but I managed to put up some other pieces too. Remember that I live in Transylvania and the winter here is not forgiving


Check the paste-up page to see more of my work :)

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