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project: create the website for a small independent company that develops IOS apps and games
my role: UX designer
tools used:
wix for implementation
figma+photoshop for design
the whole process took me about 1 month to complete. 
i invite you to take 10 minutes and read about the process behind this digital product.
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the problem I was solving and the solution for it

the customer recently finished developing a game app for IOS and was in need of an online place where the users could easily find relevant info about the game such as a description, a privacy policy and other useful info about the app and the company that developed it.
the solution was building a website where all the necessary info was presented in an easy and enjoyable way satisfying both the users and the business needs.
the company aims to create a more personal experience through simplicity and a friendly copywrite.

who are the users and what are their needs

The user is an individual passionate about brainiac games with a taste for the retro and old school games.
A survey was conducted to uncover the user needs and the following pattern emerged:

How is the competition presenting itself

one important step was doing market research in order to understand how the competition it's presenting itself. while the amount of i narrowed it down to three websites that grabbed my attention 
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